Piper Arrow Propeller Conversion

Piper Arrow Propeller Conversion
Piper Arrow Propeller Conversion

Hartzell “Scimitar” Propeller now STC approved for the Piper Arrow

Professional Pilots Inc. would like to formally introduce their latest addition to the “Sutton Propeller Conversion” line with the STC approval of the new Hartzell, two bladed “Scimitar” propeller model HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497. This new propeller is Hartzell’s latest design, and provides an increase in efficiency, with a reduced noise level. This propeller is approximately 3 to 5 knots faster than the standard three blade propeller, and weighs 12 lbs less. It is approved for any PA-28R model currently using a Lycoming engine.

In addition, this STC includes some extra cost saving options:

** Option 1 allows the use of your existing spinner if desired. This prevents you from being forced to spend extra money if you don’t need too. This costs $12,900.00 and includes the new propeller and STC paperwork.

** Option 2 allows the use of two new spinner models. One is Composite and is shown on our demo aircraft above, the other is aluminum and shaped more like the original stock spinner. These can be bought for $1950.00 each if needed.

** Option 3 allows the use of Hartzell’s new S-1 governor which costs $2950 brand new, and is often cheaper than overhauling your old, original governor. Keep in mind that you do not need to change governors, or anything else with this conversion. This option is simply a special “bonus” which gives you a little more flexibility.

Another great benefit is the fact that you can remove that troublesome placard which prohibits operation between 2100 and 2350 RPM, which is usually right in the “heart” of where you are wanting to cruise. This new “Scimitar” propeller is completely free of any vibration restrictions when installed on 180 HP Arrows, or 200 HP Arrows with the Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 engine. On 200 HP Arrows with the IO-360-C1C engine, the only restriction is to not operate above 24 in. of M.P. while operating between 2350 and 2550 RPM. This is typically not an issue when operating in accordance with normal cruise power settings.

To understand exactly what this propeller will do for you, you should probably know a little about the history of Arrow propellers. The first propeller to come out on the Arrow had two blades and is known as the HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A-2. Although this propeller was used quite commonly in the 1960’s, it is the one with the annoying vibration problem right in the middle of the cruise range. As time went on, and the popularity of three bladed propellers increased, the Hartzell HC-C3YR-1RF-F7282 was introduced. Although this propeller was an improvement from a vibration standpoint, the extra blade proved to be a hindrance in cruise speed, and actually slowed the airplane down. The ultimate solution to this problem was the advent of the “blended airfoil”, or “Scimitar” design, which is the newest propeller available. This propeller provides an improvement in efficiency above both of its predecessors. When comparing it to the old two blade, you will see slight improvements in most flight aspects, with a much less restrictive operating limitation. When comparing it to the three blade, you will see a pronounced increase in cruise speed, and a noticeable reduction in nose weight. In both cases, the “Scimitar” design inherently provides a smoother and quieter ride. All of our propellers are manufactured new at the Hartzell factory, and enjoy their full original warranty, and 2400 hour/6 year recommended TBO. We simply went through the effort to bring this propeller through the FAA STC process, and make it available for your airplane.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or just want to talk. We are a small, family operated business, and can be reached nearly anytime at 219-696-8726. You can also e-mail me at the contact button above, or propilotsinc@cs.com. Thank you for your interest!