PA-18 / 12 Propeller Conversion

hartzell1 mt2

Our propeller conversion allows you to install a Hartzell “Top Prop” 80 inch constant speed propeller, Hartzell’s 83″ composite “Trailblazer” propeller, or an MT Constant Speed Propeller on your 150, 160, or 180 H.P. Super Cub. (PA-12 now approved with Hartzell Propellers only.) This conversion allows your engine to reach its maximum rated horsepower R.P.M. immediately upon throttle advancement. Take off thrust is increased by as much as 30% compared to many fixed pitch models, thus reducing take off distance dramatically. Cruise speed is also increased by nearly 20% allowing much greater efficiency and less engine wear. This conversion provides the best in all flight spectrums !! All at a relatively low price and minor weight increase. We have several different options available, including Hartzell’s Q tip propellers and various spinners to meet your personal taste. Please call to discuss options and customize your kit.

Kit includes
Constant Speed Propeller, Spinner Assembly, Governor, and STC Approval Paperwork

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